Year 11 IB Design Challenge Update

The Year 11 IB Design students have been working on their practice project which is to design and construct a transportable solar cooker that can be easily constructed and disassembled to ship to refugee camps, where cooking facilities are minimal.

The students have researched the need and created several designs, choosing one to develop into a working prototype. The investigation has provided the students with the opportunity to empathise and understand what is needed in these circumstances and how we can design products to help make peoples’ lives better.

Last Thursday we tested out the prototypes on the 9th floor roof garden. We managed to get the cooking area up to 70 degrees Celsius by using common aluminium foil glued to the frame. We have more work to do and will continue testing with mirrors, different pots, and stands to find the optimum cooking method. Special sensors were borrowed from the science department to collect data for the experiment so that the design could be modified based on the data.

The students have done a wonderful job and we look forward to their final submissions after testing and redesign is complete.

Design thinking and problem solving projects are fun and engaging for students at AISHK. We are proud that they are able to use these skills to solve real world problems with design.

Glen Morgan | TOK Coordinator, DT Teacher