Head of Secondary Message

Study Skills Parent and Student Workshop Success

We saw a well-attended workshop on Tuesday evening when students and parents together had an opportunity to learn some new things and refresh some things already known regarding study habits, organisational skills, memory and learning pathways and time management practices.

Dr Prue Salter, who is the author of our Study Skills Handbook and Study Samurai Library, delivered a fast-paced and lively workshop which all attendees reported as very useful and “excellent”. The collaborative and discursive nature of the workshop meant that there were many points raised from which families could continue as useful conversations at home.

Earlier in the day, Dr Salter provided a pep-talk with final study tips for our Year 12’s, who embark on Study Break at the end of next week. Students reported that is was a useful opportunity for them. In the staff workshop during the afternoon, the teachers had a virtual tour of the updates in the Handbook and Study Samurai. Teachers will be using a number of these items in working with the students around the coaching of approaches to study and homework learning techniques.

The Study Skills Handbook is available to all secondary students via the OLP/Library/Secondary page. The log-in code is visible on the OLP page.

Valedictory Dinner

We wish the Year 12 students and their parents an enjoyable celebratory evening tonight. The Valedictory Dinner, which commences at 7.00pm, is a very special occasion to mark the efforts and achievements of the Year 12 class, along with their parents and teachers. It signals the commencement of the significant farewell events for Year 12, culminating in the Valedictory Assembly next Thursday.

Howard West | Head of Secondary