Primary Visual Arts for Term 3


Prep students have been investigating Living Things. In art we have looked at the concepts of line and pattern inspired by photographic images of animals including zebras, giraffes and the big cats After looking at these images the students created their own animal patterns in ink. We read the story-The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse by Eric Carle with the message that artists can paint whatever is in their imagination-even a polka dotted donkey! The students then painted colourful animals which were added to their patterned backgrounds.

Year 1

Year One students have been investigating the work of Eric Carle as an artist/illustrator alongside their author study in Literature lessons – especially looking at his use of texture, colour and shape. Over several weeks the students have experimented with a variety of techniques and media to create a bank of paper- they have applied ink and paint using: scrapers /rollers/foam brushes/brushes/bubble wrap /coloured or tissue paper. They then used their paper bank to complete an image of an imaginative creature using Eric Carle’s work as inspiration.

We followed up this work by paper making – recycling our scrap paper, blending it to make pulp, spreading the dyed pulp onto wire mesh and creating our own handmade paper.

Year 2

Year Two students have completed an artwork based on their Unit on the Human Body. They responded to Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s detailed portraits from the 16th century which were painted in oils using fruit, vegetables and natural objects.  To start their work, the students completed observational sketches of fruit and vegetables. They then created collage portraits using photocopied images of fruit and vegetables and their oil pastel sketches. Gold paint was then sponged around the edges for a frame effect.

Year 3

Year 3 students have extended their 2D drawing of an imaginative animal inspired by Albrecht Durer into a magnificent 3D sculpture. Students investigated shapes and line found within their imaginative animal to manipulate wire and to construct a frame. The frame was decorated with a selection of materials to generate an aesthetic look.

Year 4

Year 4 students have explored Cultures Colliding by generating a Prince Albert teapot and decorating it with a personal narrative using Indigenous Australian symbols. Students have also appreciated the work of Emily Kame Kngwarreye to produce a Batik representing what is Beneath My Feet in Hong Kong. Students are now appreciating the work of Australian Indigenous artist Lin Onus and the technique of New Zealand born artist Rosalie Gascoigne to create an art work that will be exhibited at the school fair. This art work will represent Hong Kong through symbols and iconic structures and depict Cultures Colliding by incorporating a musical piece.


Year 5

Year 5 students have appreciated the work of Australian born artist Joshua Yeldham to create an art work discussing Adaptations. Students were given the brief from a Palaeontologist to observe the fossil of Archaeopteryx (a transitional fossil between dinosaurs and modern birds) and as artists, students had to artistically interpret the physical characteristics of Archaeopteryx.  Students selected and manipulated a variety of materials including materials, beads and feathers to create an aesthetic representation of Archaeopteryx.

Year 6

Year 6 students have continued to explore Government by using techniques associated with ceramics to generate a clay sculpture portrait of a person in Government. Students developed techniques such as rolling a slab, joining clay, creating textures and constructing facial features.  Students painted their sculpture with glaze before placing them into the kiln to be fired.

Students have also explored Government by investigating Government buildings both colonial and contemporary to create a collage. Students developed visual arts language by using terms such as construct, deconstruct, line, shape, perspective, proportions, angle of view and overlapping, as well as exploring and manipulating a variety of techniques and materials.

Hopkins, Anne

Anne Hopkins | Primary Visual Arts Teacher

Cridland, Narelle

Narelle Cridland | Specialist Teacher – Visual Arts (Primary)