Hopscotch By The Kids For The Kids

A new hopscotch was painted on the floor of the 3rd floor hallway and the Year 3 students were also kind enough to write up a small summary.

At first, the hallway was dull and boring. It was as gloomy as a horrible day. Then suddenly, a hopscotch appeared! It lit up the hallway with colours and it brought life to the dull lifeless hallway. There are so many benefits of the hopscotch, like it is educational, mathematical, colourful, fun and you could learn your 3 times tables. Teachers think it is educational, year 1s love the hopscotch and us Year 3s learnt our 3 times tables much faster. It is as bright as the shining sun. The hopscotch was spectacularly exquisite. Also, it made this hallway the brightest one in the school.

We would like to thank the LEC for their fantastic idea and Mr Flugge for taking the time to paint it for us.

Written by Cayden, Seth and Emily.