[Head of School Message] RUOK?

One trait that may be described as particularly Australian is to not complain and to “just get on with it” when things are worrying or troubling us.

Although this can be an admirable trait, as we often don’t want to worry or concern others with our own problems, speaking about our issues or concerns can be beneficial. As the old saying goes “a problem shared can be a problem halved”.


This can be difficult for all of us, and certainly for us males, we can be reluctant to admit that we may have a problem and asking for help doesn’t come easily. Likewise, in a community such as ours, of high flyers and successful families, admitting problems and asking for help can take courage.

However, as a community I believe that we have a responsibility to look out for each other, to notice when our family members, colleagues and friends may not “be themselves” and to be there for each other.

Next Thursday 13 September is National RUOK Day in Australia which has been instituted to raise awareness about checking in with one another. The purpose of this day is to remind us to ask the question RUOK regularly.

Here is some important information about R_U_OK

As a community I hope that we can look out for one another and regularly ask RUOK as this simple question could actually save a life.

Mark Hemphill | Head of School