Environment Committee Planting Seeds

The semester 2 Environment Committee team members have taken off in Term 3. Throughout this term, the committee have spent most Friday lunchtimes coming together to plant seedlings for our very own veggie garden on the Green Roof. We have planted carrots, zucchinis, pumpkins, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, celery, silver beet and a large variety of herbs. We have also started our seed bank and so far have 20 different types of fruit and vegetable seeds. The girls and boys have also brought in seeds from different types of vegetables and we have been watching them grow. The avocado seeds are starting to split and shoot roots!


After a quick tidy-up on the Green Roof from Typhoon Mangkhut, the committee were able to transfer their seedlings from small containers to the big planter boxes ready to grow over the holidays. The students have not only learnt about planting seedlings from scratch, but have also been able to watch the seedlings grow (some phenomenally) from week to week. We look forward to sharing more pictures of our wonderful progress on the Green Roof next term. In the meantime, we will let the variety of vegetables and herbs enjoy the sunlight and fresh air on the roof.

Ms Abbie Mullan

Abbie Mullan | Year 3 Teacher

Joanne Reed | Year 6 Teacher