Welcome Back to Term Three

It is great to see all the students so fresh and re-charged after their holidays. The teachers enjoyed reading about the highlights of your holidays in descriptive letters students composed in class.

These letters have been uploaded onto students’ Seesaw accounts. We encourage all parents to sign up to Seesaw using the QR code sent home in your child’s portfolio last term. If you would like more information regarding how to login to Seesaw, please email your child’s teacher.

Teaching and Learning

To develop the necessary tools for our students to become confident and creative communicators, students will engage in an English unit of inquiry titled Positioning. By exploring the tools and techniques authors use to position their reader, students will look upon the world with a more critical eye and be able to identify the difference between fact and opinion. They will also recognise the language used to persuade and position the reader. They will also examine issues of representation in written and visual texts, assisting them in recognising bias, including their own, and considering different viewpoints and perspectives.

In Mathematics, students will complete three investigations. Plenty of Pikelets, Marble Mash and iFlicks Movie Marathon. These investigations will explore the Mathematical strands, Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Data, and are designed to foster inquiry by ensuring students apply their understanding to real-life contexts.

The Integrated unit of study, When Cultures Collide, provides students with the opportunity to examine the impact of colonisation and the interaction of indigenous communities throughout the world with a particular focus on British colonisation. They will also investigate what motivated countries to explore and colonise, as well as examine the impact of European exploration on colonisation.

Students will begin to develop their skills in coding through Google CS First. CS First is a web-based program that exposes students to computer science through video tutorials and modules. Students in Year Four will be working through the module of ‘Game Design’ where they will ultimately code their own game on Scratch.

Later in the term we will visit the Design and Technology Department in Secondary to explore materials and tools that we will be using in Term Four.

New Students

We have many new students joining us this term. Please join us in warmly welcoming these students and their families as they settle into the AISHK community.

4M: Felix Waters Hana Nii and Kingston Hoffman (to join in Week 4)

4Y:  Harold Cheong, Chloe Kwok, Keira Lei and Sophie Tang

4K:  Toby Kirwan and Eloise Wong

4W: Kayla Selkrig

Reading Challenge 2018

The Primary Reading Challenge has begun. Students from all grades are involved in reading as much as possible over the next 5 weeks. Children are encouraged to broaden the types of books they read during this challenge. Students are reminded to record their reading at home every night.

The Primary Reading Challenge connects with Book Week which is 18—24 August this year and the theme is ‘Find Your Treasure’. If you want to know more about Book Week you can take a look at the following website:


Here is how it works: 

At home:

  • Children read daily and record minutes they read on the treasure map
  • Record the title of the book and state if it is a book from home, a library book or a home reader
  • Parents tally up minutes read and initial the total each week
  • At the end of the competition, parents sign the form and submit it to the class teacher

At School:

  • Staff record minutes read each week
  • Students receive a small prize from the library after different time goals have been met
  • Once completed, sheets will be collated, and the library staff will issue a certificate

This challenge was an enormous success last year so please encourage your child to participate and help them to record their minutes and books daily.  We thank you in advance for your support.​

Parent Helpers

As part of our Plenty of Pikelets iMaths investigation students will be going to Festival Walk to purchase groceries for a recipe. They will then be cooking their pikelets in the Secondary Food Tech classroom. We will be asking some class parents to help out with the supervision when shopping and cooking. It is a fun and exciting way to learn Mathematics in a real-life context and we are sure the children will enjoy the experience. Your classroom teacher will be in touch regarding dates and times.

Online Behaviour

As some of you are may be aware, Fortnite, is a very popular online game at the moment. The game is a cooperative shooter-survival game to fight off zombie-like husks and defend objects with forts they can build. The Year Four teachers have been hearing discussions about this game in and around the classrooms recently. According to Irish Independent Technology Editor Adrian Weckler, children can get addicted to playing Fortnite due to the interactive nature of the game. They are interacting inside the game with their friends and other players. This in turn is leading discussion and sometimes exclusion with peers at school. Please keep in mind your child’s online interactions can extend beyond home. We also want to reiterate the message that a healthy childhood includes a balance of activities in students’ lives that extend beyond the use of technology.