Year 8 Visual Arts Excursion

Despite the poor rainy weather on Friday, 10 of August a group of Year 8 visual arts students proceeded with the architecture photographic excursion.  As the rain poured down students huddled under the pagoda next to the Pak Tai Temple located on Lung On Street, Wan Chai.  This traditional place of worship offered some visually appealing opportunities for students to compose their photographic shots. Students also attempted to sketch a detail of an urban surrounding structure, using a viewfinder and other skills that were taught in class. Back at school students were able to photograph other interesting compositions around our campus as supportive inspirational images to be incorporated into their artwork.


  • Oliver Worker 8W

“I was looking forward to getting some nice photos in the rain and I wanted to see the cool architecture”

  • Emma Loui 8H

‘I was looking forward to seeing old buildings, and getting to take pictures with the new techniques I learnt.’

  • Callum James 8J

‘The rain made the different aspects of architecture seem more engaging and despite the poor weather it was a good experience.’

  • Elizabeth Lai 8E

‘ I enjoyed seeing the temple and the different structures and patterns inside the temple as well as the mood that was created through the candles and dim lights.’


Amanda Sze | Visual Arts Teacher