Year 11 Students Attending Summer Schools Around the World

Four Year 11 students attended summer schools around the world

The summer break is a wonderful opportunity for our senior school students to attend summer schools to enhance their learning of a subject area and also to learn about university life. Four Year 11 students attend a summer school this year.

Kevin Yan went to NYUSPS High School Academy at NYU Shanghai in Shanghai, China to do a Leadership course. I would recommend this school because of the small classes with only 4-8 people per class. It was an opportunity to learn about life in China and the society through interactions with classmates. It was great to explore Shanghai, different from Hong Kong, it is a vibrant city full of new opportunities. The leadership studies helped me to have clearer life goals and a better understanding of how to deal with different types of people, especially when we are having conflicts. Together in class, we learned how to find our strengths and learn how to use them wisely.

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Temana Short participated in a summer course held at Cambridge University. During the course, we immersed ourselves in Cambridge history and culture and experienced the university tutorial and lecture style of learning. I specifically took the Mathematics course and by doing so, got a taste of the University level mathematics.

Kevin Hebestreit attended the “Cambridge Immerse Global leadership” summer program. Essentially, it is a week of learning more about the world’s current political drama and why it came to be this way. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. It was a immensely enjoyable and very productive experience where you learn more about the world, experience university life and make life-long friendships, and even if politics isn’t your thing, there are other courses available as well such as Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science and much more.

This is a photo of Kevin in Cambridge with his classmates for the summer school in the UK.

Summer Clinical Attachment Programme – Jocelyn Wong

During the summer holidays, I was fortuitous enough to be able to take part in the Summer Clinical Attachment Programme organised by the Faculty of Medicine from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The course aims to provide secondary school students with an opportunity to broaden their perspective of the medical sciences and gain a better understanding of the Faculty through interactions with distinguished speakers, staff, students and alumni.

The programme is designed to offer secondary school students the multi-faceted exposure to the Faculty facilities and its teaching hospital through an infectious control workshop, lectures, a campus tour, live broadcast of surgical procedures and exclusive visits to a number of medical facilities. Emeritus professors and distinguished guests were invited to deliver talks. A highlight of the programme is a doctor shadowing session, during which groups of students shadow a clinician or a physician in close distance to gain insight into his or her routine clinical work.

I was extremely inspired by all the doctors and medical stuff at the Prince of Wales Hospital and to be surrounded by peers who had the same interest only ignited my passion for medicine even more. I was very grateful to be able to meet and hear renowned professors such as Professor Dennis Lo and Professor Hong Fung share their experiences with us and it was truly an unforgettable moment in life for me. I highly recommend taking part in this course as it not only allows you to experience and immerse yourself into the life of the doctor, but also allow you to explore the variety of pathways you have while being able to learn why other peers share the same passion for medicine

Jocelyn at Chinese University with her classmates from the summer school in Hong Kong.

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