Secondary ICAS Science Results 2018

Earlier this year students from AISHK sat the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (formerly known as the Australian Schools Science Competition). This competition consists of a series of well-designed scientifically based multiple choice questions which assess different topics, including: Observation, Interpretation, Prediction, Investigation, Reasoning and Problem Solving.

AISHK students performed very well when compared with students in our Region, which comprised of all participating International Schools in Hong Kong as well as Australian Schools in NSW and ACT.

Many Schools were very selective about who they allowed to sit this competition, as they wanted to achieve the highest possible marks. However at AISHK we made the competition open to all, which made it even more impressive as the average score for AISHK was higher than the regional average.


Average Score


Average Score

7 26.5 24.4
8 26.4 23.4
9 27.3 24.3
10 29.0 23.3

Below are a list of students who received awards for the competition:


Briana Tran

Jasmine Wong

Sarah Law

Owen Walker

Claudia Wong

Madeleine Dudman

Ashvin Malkani





Olivia Dudman

George Lipowski

Emily Ng

Martin Dy

Andrew Ho

Luca Noronha

Lorraine Tang

Michael Hodge

Zachary Yap

Gordon Chen

Harrison Morgan




Tiare Short

George Cheng

Ryan Cheng

Jiwon Seo

Derek Tsang

Angela Wang





Benjamin Bezencon

Nicholas Sandy

Hayley Wong

Alistair Chan

Moses Chan

Chadwick Ho

Brodie Valentine


Lee Taylor | Head of Science Year 7 – 12