Head of Secondary Message

Welcome to the third term of our school year, and already we are at the end of the second week.

Earlier in this week’s assembly, I reminded the students of the significant events we have running this term: the Frayed Fashion Show, Senior Formal, Annual Sports Awards, A Night on Broadway Concert, the Secondary Swimming Carnival, a Study Skills Parent-Student Workshop and Valedictory events for Year 12 students.

I look forward to seeing you at some of these events.

Parent Teacher meetings            

Thank you to all parents for your participation in the Year 7-10 parent-teacher interviews of this week. We appreciated meeting both new parents and our long-standing parents and we hope the meetings were productive for you. It is particularly valuable that we had our students attend as well.

If anyone has missed a meeting opportunity, please email your child’s teacher to arrange appropriate information sharing.

Year 8 selection of elective subjects for 2019

Year 8 students have, today, been sent their Year 9/10 2019 electives selection form. It is an on-line selection process, but we do require a copy of their choices to be printed, signed by a parent and returned to the Homeroom teacher. The arrangement of the choices is the best fit, based on our earlier subject preference survey and students are required to select one subject on each ‘line’.

The teachers are looking forward to enrolling the Year 9 of 2019 into their elective courses, which will run for a two-year period.

Howard West | Head of Secondary