Performing Arts, Sports and Additional Group Photos

Next Monday and Tuesday AISHK will hold our next round of school photos, which form part of our Yearbook.

Students involved in the sports listed, that have represented the school during the year, will be included. All photographs will be taken in school summer uniform, no need for their sports team kit.

All members of the music ensembles listed below will be photographed according to the schedule. Students need to wear their correct summer uniform. No blazers, ties or tights are required. Students in an instrumental ensemble need to have their instrument with them for the photo.

Students who missed their individual photos in our March session have the opportunity to have photos taken during these days. Students should approach their homeroom teacher to ask permission to go to the Auditorium to have this done.

We will also offer some additional sessions for sibling photos after 3:30pm on Monday only. If you wish to take up this offer, please email the Primary or Secondary office to make an appointment.

Should you have any questions, please email

Time Monday 3 September


Staff / Coach Tuesday 4 September


Staff /Coach
8.25am Set-up time
8.50am Netball Secondary combined Mandy Mansbridge Netball Primary combined Mandy Mansbridge
9.35am Touch Secondary Mark Wnek Rugby Primary combined Cameron Reed
9.55am Soccer Secondary Girls combined Paul McGunnigle Touch Primary Mark Wnek
10.15am Soccer Secondary Boys combined Dwayne Brown
10.40am Rugby Secondary combined Damian Bailey Soccer Primary combined Dwayne Brown


10.55am Volleyball combined Will Campbell
11.15am Basketball combined Lee Pilgrim X-Country Lee Pilgrim
11.30am Athletics Kin Wong
11.45am Swimming combined Eric Yeung Badminton combined Peter Phillips
1.15pm Primary Choir Music staff Primary Library monitors Nicole Atkins
1.30pm Wind Band Music staff Primary SRC/House leaders SEM 2 Cameron Reed
1.45pm String Ensemble Music staff Primary Environment Committee Joanne Reed
2.00pm Vocal Ensemble Music staff
2.15pm Orchestra Music staff
2.45pm Rock Band Boys Music staff
3.00pm Rock Band Girls Music staff
3.15pm Guitar Ensemble Music staff