Primary ICAS Science Results 2018

Congratulations to the following students who achieved a Credit, Distinction or a High Distinction in the recent ICAS Science test:

First Name Surname Year Group Result
Jeremy Cheung 3B Distinction
Peter Phillips 3B Credit
Adabelle Shen 3B High Distinction
Henry Wong 3B Credit
Angus Fung 3F Credit
Cooper Glanville 3F Credit
Marcus Mo 3F Credit
Thomas Boyd 3H Distinction
Jadon Chin Ko Lau 3H Distinction
Kyra Tsang 3H Credit
Wing Tsun Chow 3M Credit
Marcus Chan 4M Distinction
Michael Kwan 4M Credit
Marcus Leung 4M Credit
Valerie Dy 4W Credit
Aiden Sun 4W Distinction
Charlie Dawson 4Y Credit
Alexander Goh 4Y Credit
Summer Hartnett 4Y Credit
Daniel Hei Kiu Lee 4Y Distinction
Petra Ng 4Y Distinction
Albert Wang 5A Credit
Ryan Kai Yuen Liu 5C Distinction
Harry Makridakis 5C Credit
Ruishuang Fu 5P Credit
Oliver Moore 5P Credit
Lucas Shen 5P Credit
Eunie Jeong 5S Distinction
Jessica Phillips 5S Credit
Charlie Ware 5S Credit
Jayden Fung 6B Distinction
Samuel Sun Kiu Lee 6B Credit
Chloe Suen 6B Credit
Aavni Ahuja 6D Distinction
Adam Chan 6D Distinction
Anna Jerdan 6D Distinction
Alvin Lok Wai Wong 6D Credit
Leighton Tang 6D Credit
Quincy Dawson 6L Credit
Zoe Leung 6L Credit
Kirsten Tran 6L Distinction
Jiwoo Seo 6R Credit



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