Primary and Secondary Working Together

One of the great advantages of being a Reception to Year 12 school is the opportunity for students to participate in activities that go across primary and secondary divisions. In my short time with the school, I have seen many opportunities for the primary students to interact with the older students and get access to secondary facilities, resources and expertise from secondary teachers. The secondary students also benefit from these opportunities where they learn leadership skills and how important clear communication is when talking to younger students.  A challenge for any secondary student. Some of the activities that have taken place in Term 3 include:

Year 9 PASS (Physical Activity and Sports Studies elective) where students have been working with Year 3 and Year 4 students over the last few weeks. They are coaching the younger students and learning leadership and management skills. Students have been learning positional skills, as well as attacking and defensive strategies through playing a frisbee game.

Some Year 1 students were given the opportunity to inquire into light with students visiting the secondary science labs and observed changes in light using various instruments.

Year 4 students tried their hands at crafting a culinary favourite – the pikelet.  This took place with a lesson in the Food Tech room as a part of their unit of study, which provided delicious results!

Again in the area of Food Technology, as part of a Year 7 and 8 healthy snack assignment, Year 4 students were invited to taste their cooking and provide feedback for healthy snack recipes last term.

Secondary geography teachers came down to help the Year 4 classrooms understand ‘What lies beneath our feet’ – a Year 4 Earth science unit held at the beginning of the year.

Year 11 DT students also lent their expertise to Year 4, with the students working together on a STEM related activity using  Makey Makey kits.

The Jump Jam has become a popular weekly activity with secondary students leading primary students through a range of dance moves every Friday morning as a part of our school’s focus on student wellbeing. This has become a highlight for many students each week.

In the wider community, and under the guidance of Secondary YES Club students, the Primary SRC began participating in weekly visits at China Coast Community Home this term. YES Club (Youth Experiencing Service) is a student-initiated community service club open to all secondary students at AISHK and aims to provide students with rewarding and meaningful service opportunities outside of school.

The above opportunities can only take place when you have both primary and secondary on the same campus. For primary students, the access to teacher expertise, facilities and resources and the opportunity to interact with secondary students provides a highly engaging and stimulating environment for them. For students who will eventually transition into the secondary division at AISHK, these activities help bridge the gap between primary and secondary.

One of the positive outcomes from these interactions between primary and secondary divisions is the respect the secondary students have for the younger students and the confidence the primary and early childhood students have when interacting with older students. It is a wonderful dynamic that exists within the school and is a showcase of how AISHK is working as one school.


Brendan Kean | Head of Primary