Budding Author – Lucia Groser

Lucia Groser

Our Year 5 students entered a competition held earlier this year through The Standard newspaper in Hong Kong, which was open to all Hong Kong students in various age brackets.  We used the stimulus and criteria they set as a writing exercise for our classes.  We are proud and delighted to announce that Lucia Groser of 5A won a Merit award for her story in the Tragedy category, called Starting Over. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.


Starting Over By Lucia Groser 5A

Life was wonderful as a kid. Each morning I would wake up to my mother’s soft, kind, sensitive voice, her big curious eyes and her smile that was there to stay, as it warmed my face. Whenever I wake up to that, I always get a warm feeling inside me. I always shared that special love with my mum. She was the person that put a smile on my face. It was fun.

But before I knew it, I was in high school. Sadly, the kids there didn’t think I was the sweet, lovely kid they imagined. Because of this, they bullied me. I had never been bullied before, and it didn’t feel nice. I never walked to that school with a smile on my face, no matter how hard my mum tried. I just wasn’t happy.

 The bullying got so bad that I decided I’d had enough of the screaming, the name calling, the blaming and the hatred. So I dropped out of school. The worst part though, was that I didn’t tell my mum. “She would have been angry,” I thought, but that was one of the most terrible mistakes I had ever made in my life.

 Every day after I left the house, I would secretly pack my skateboard in my school bag and go to the terrain park with my friends.

 Around a year later, I felt as though my friends didn’t like me anymore. I looked back on my high school bullying and didn’t want the the same thing to happen again, so I bought an apartment, moving away from my mum and hid away. All I did was eat, sleep and watch television. The older and older my mum got, the less and less I cared for her.

 But then out of the blue, a police officer came to my doorstep and rang the bell. I had thought it was the pizza man with that same warm smile my mum had. But no, I got a cold surprise. All the officer said was “She is dead, your mother is dead.” All of a sudden I felt a stagger in my heart, as my body instantly filled up with regret. I just froze in terror. The pain was so bad, I cried in my bedroom for at least a month.

 After the death of my mum, I decided to start over. This meant that I could ask if the college down the street could teach me to be the person I wanted to be. I went over, but sadly they did not accept me. I should have known, nobody would ever accept a scrawny, dumb fellow like me.

 Later that day, I was sulking in the park when a random mum walked up to me and asked if I could babysit her kids. The mum had those big curious eyes my mum had, so I said yes. I told the kids all about my mum and how nice my childhood had been. When their parents came home, they asked if I could be their usual babysitter. I said, “Of course!” I loved those kids! They reminded me of all the good times I had with my mum.

 To this day, I still have my mum deep within my bones. I love you mum! Never forget that.           

Suzanne Sinclair | Head of Year 5