[Head of School Message] Happy Australian Father’s Day

To all the wonderful Dads who are celebrating the Australian Father’s Day on Sunday, I hope you enjoy the day with your families.

For each of us who are lucky enough to be fathers this is one of the most enjoyable, but at times challenging, roles in our lives. No matter how challenging it gets at times, we should never forget how lucky we are to have our children in our lives. Sometimes, it can be very difficult juggling a demanding career and other commitments with our family obligations but investing in our children and spending time with them will always be vitally important.

There is no doubt that parenting is becoming more difficult as the world in which our children live is becoming more complex. There are more demands in both our own lives and those of our families – and keeping up with these changes can be difficult. But as fathers, we can and need to stay in control of this fast pace and do one very simple thing, and that is to spend time with each of our children. We need to be able to regularly give each of our children our undivided attention and do something together – whether it be to get out and kick a ball, go for a walk, go for a swim, go for a bike ride, play a game, read a book together or play an online game together.

The more time we can spend with our children the stronger our bond will be as they grow older. We need to make a time investment with our children. Although it is often easy for us to buy our children what they want, what they really need is our time and attention which are both priceless. I am hoping that when I am older and retired my son will remember the time I have given him and he will repay me when I need his time.

So, Dads, ask yourself “how do I spend quality time with my kids, and do I spend enough with them?”

Enjoy the time with your children on Sunday and wishing you all a happy Father’s Day.

Mark Hemphill | Head of School