Recruiting Members for YES Club

For those who aren’t familiar with what YES Club do, here is a brief description on an event we did recently.

During May, AISHK student leaders also teamed up with Kids4Kids to help others in our community through the Sharing for a Cause Book Drive initiative. This year’s campaign collected English children’s storybooks and redistributed them to local and regional communities in need. This event was an excellent example of our wonderful AISHK family in action.

At AISHK, Community Service is something that is highly valued and at YES Club we give students an opportunity to flourish in this aspect. YES Club is always on the lookout for new student volunteers! And this semester we are teaming up with Food Angel, China Coast Community and the LAP (Lifelong Animal Protection) Charity.

If you want to come and find us we will be meeting every Tuesday after school from 4-6pm starting on the 31 of July. All service hours count towards AYP/CAS so if you are interested please email:

Meldrick Ho | Year 11 Student