[Head of School Message] Welcome Back to Term 3

It was great to see everyone return this week, rested, full of smiles, eager and happy to be back at school after our four week break. Over the week I have enjoyed catching up with the students and hearing their varied and interesting holiday experiences. A very warm welcome to all of our new families and our 57 new students who have joined us from around the globe. I hope the first week being part of the AISHK family has been even better than anticipated!

It was so lovely on Tuesday to be greeted at the front door with such genuine warmth and friendship by the students and parents. I have been reflecting on this throughout the week as I’ve observed the lovely relationships in our school between staff, students and parents. We are so incredibly lucky to have the culture of respect, inclusivity and community that we do.

School culture was particularly topical in the Australian media over the holidays as there were many reports of increasingly unacceptable and aggressive parental behaviour towards staff in many Australian schools. It was widely reported that one prominent Sydney school even issued parents a letter warning them that bullying of staff will no longer be tolerated and parental misbehaviour will jeopardise their child’s enrolment.

Reading these reports, I counted my blessings as I really appreciate the culture that we have here at AISHK. A culture based on mutual respect and open communication. It is important as a community that we appreciate, value and continue to foster this positive culture and our strong relationships and not do anything to jeopardise this. Inevitably when you are dealing with children there will be times when things don’t go right, like everyone teachers, students and parents make mistakes, not everyone will agree with all decisions which are made, there will be multiple and sometimes conflicting opinions about what we do and sometimes life just isn’t fair. However, regardless of the situation we must always remember to remain calm, to be respectful, to be solution focused, to understand that there will be multiple perspectives involved in each situation, to listen to one another and to realise  that sometimes we can’t get what we want and that we will have to compromise. There is no such thing as a perfect school

However, as I’ve said before, we are all so lucky to be part of this wonderful school and community. Wishing you and your children a very happy and successful Term 3.

Mark Hemphill | Head of School