Mr. Nelson Running to Save the Rhinos

The 19th Safaricom Marathon, organised by Tusk and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy was held on Saturday 30 June, raising valuable funds for conservation projects throughout Kenya.

Approximately 1,400 runners, including our very own Ian Nelson, competed in cooler than normal temperatures, at an altitude of 5500 feet. Ian was raising funds to support Tusk and battled through the 42km course to finish in a time of 4 hours 48 minutes.

The race was momentarily stopped as a rhinoceros strayed too close to the course.  Fortunately, a helicopter was on hand to encourage the rhino on its way.

Lewa is home to approximately 58 black rhinos and 62 white rhinos.  Both species are critically endangered and require around the clock protection from teams of highly trained armed rangers.

Education and employment also play a major role in the long-term strategy for protecting these species.  Local school groups regularly visit the conservancy and are taught about the importance of protecting the local wildlife.  In addition, the conservancy, directly and indirectly, provides employment for many people from within the local community.

If you would like to support the work of Tusk, you can do so through the following link: