Year 5 Newsletter Term 2, Week 10

Dear Parents,

First of all, we would like to wish you very happy holidays with family and friends.  We hope you and your children find rest and relaxation during the 4 weeks of the break.

3-Way Conferences

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm and interest that our students demonstrated as they proudly showed you their work. What a great job they did, and we were so very proud of them as we listened to them tell you about their learning in all areas.  Some of what they came out with blew us away!  (They DO listen to us and to each other!)

Library Reminder from Mrs Atkins

Next term, we celebrate Book Week in Week 6 with a Parade, a Primary Assembly and for the first time-a Book Fair! If you are travelling in the holidays you may like to keep an eye out for ideas for your dress-up costume. This year the theme is Find Your Treasure. It would be great to collect photos of our students finding their treasure in a book over the holidays. Please email me a photo if you get the      Happy reading and enjoy the holidays!

 Jump Jam

On Wednesday for the final Peer Support session, the whole Primary School, along with some of the senior school students, did a short classroom session before heading down to the field to have a Jump Jam session.  Standing in School Houses, Primary students of all ages bopped to a number of oldies-but-goodies like The Witch Doctor, YMCA, Macarena and The Chicken Dance. There were lots of giggles and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Year 5/6 Speech Competition

We congratulate our 4 Year 5 finalists to the Year 5/6 Speech competition:

Remi Apostolopoulos
Alex Camilleri
Alice Harbottle
Eunie Jeong

On Tuesday the entire Primary came to see these great speakers.  They did a fantastic job on stage with both their prepared speeches and impromptu speeches.  Special congratulations to Eunie Jeong who placed 3rd (with 2nd and 1st going to Year 6 candidates).



Wizard of Oz

What an amazing stage production this was! It was full of fun, laughter, the occasional scare, colour, sound and special effects. To put together something of this calibre takes dedicated staff working alongside equally dedicated performers.  Once again, we were so proud of the focus, sheer hard work and skill that our Year 5 participants brought to the show.


The beginning of Term 3 finds all Year 5 classes having some timetable changes to accommodate 2 swimming lessons per week.  Class teachers will advise you of the days swimming gear is needed.  We would love to have 100% of the classes swimming all 6 weeks.  Items needed: school swimmers, swim cap, towel, comb, goggles if needed.  Please note that we will not have Sport on Thursday afternoons for those weeks and we will advise you when we go back to Sport.

Happy Holidays to all of you, from all of us!


The Year 5 Team