Term 2 in Year 3

Wow! What a whirlwind Term 2 Year 3 have had. We have been lucky to come out of it unscathed with no Typhoon or Rain Days. As we reach the halfway point of the year (can you believe it!?) and prepare for the summer holidays, here is a recap of what Year 3 have been up to in Term 2.

The focus of English this term has been writing. We have delved into how we can make our writing more interesting. The students have learnt that an author’s purpose (writing to persuade, inform and entertain) is as easy as P.I.E! Students got to explore their creative and imaginative side through entering a writing competition with many enjoying the opportunity to write a story of their own choice. NAPLAN was completed in Week 6 and even produced quotes such as, ‘that was fun!’ and, ‘can we do that next term?’ Various reading activities have kept the children on their toes as we continue with ‘I think that means…’ and learning to look beyond a text with literal and inferential thinking.

We got off to a flying start in Mathematics this term learning about numbers to 10 000 and number patterns. Week 3 saw us learning about Australian Money and participating in the successful very first ‘Year 3 Shopping Day.’ During this day, the students were faced with real-life shopping experiences like adding prices, working out change and interacting with the currency. The students loved this day and with its huge success, we intend to run it again next year! We persevered through learning about time (a difficult concept for most) and made sundials as a fun activity to represent telling the time using the sun. The students loved learning about 3D shapes and being able to make their own 3D ‘Aliens’. We have finished off the term with problem-solving through worded problems and coming up with some of our own problems for friends to work out!

‘Feeling HOT HOT HOT!’ Heat has been the basis of our Integrated Studies unit this term with the students participating in many science experiments. They have loved the hands-on experiences and learning about convection, conduction, insulators and conductors along the way. We have learnt about the importance of questioning and coming up with a hypothesis for science investigations and that it is ok if our hypothesis isn’t correct! It’s all about experimenting and testing! We fried an egg outside (well…sort of), we made cookies, we melted different objects to see if they would turn into a liquid, we melted butter in the sun (when it was available) and even tested things around the room that conducted heat. Students were also given the opportunity to investigate their own ‘wonderings’ about heat and discovered interesting facts to share with their friends (and their very curious teachers).

Mr Ohlson taught the students the importance of online safety with each class completing their ‘Digital Licence’. Each class used iPads to create videos using a green screen to help inform others about the importance of being safe online. We continued to improve our typing skills, learn about emailing and using online programs to better our learning.

Library Reminder from Mrs Atkins

Next term, we celebrate Book Week in Week 6 with a Parade, a Primary Assembly and for the first time-a Book Fair! If you are travelling in the holidays you may like to keep an eye out for ideas for your dress-up costume. This year the theme is Find Your Treasure.

It would be great to collect photos of our students finding their treasure in a book over the holidays. Please email Mrs Atkins a photo if you get the chance at nicole_atkins@aishk.edu.hk

On top of all this learning, Year 3 also participated in the following:

  • Hosting our first assembly
  • Peer Support
  • Buddy classes
  • Chinese Week
  • Year 6 Images of Greatness
  • LEAP Van
  • ICAS

As we look ahead to Term 3, here is what’s in store and some important dates to remember:

  • Tuesday 24th July, Term 3 Begins
  • Wednesday 1st August, Wattle Mufti Day
  • Thursday 23rd August, Primary Music Recital
  • Week 6 (27th – 31st August), Book Week
  • Week 7 – Week 9, Swimming Begins
  • 12th – 14th September, Year 3 Camp at Dragonfly, Sai Kung (more details to follow)
  • Friday 21st September, Term 3 Concludes

From all the Year 3 Team, we would like to thank you all for your support throughout this first semester. Also, a BIG THANK YOU to our wonderful teaching assistant in Year 3, Amy Cladingboel. Without her, we would all be lost!

We hope you all enjoy your summer break and we look forward to another busy, but fun, Term 3 in Year 3!

Aaron Flugge, Jen Harbottle, Andrew Bennett and Abbie Mullan.