Year 1 News, Term 2 Week 8

We continue our focus of transformation exploring the setting, characters and plot of our final book for our literacy focus…

The Troll, written by Julia Donaldson.

We have been discussing the troll as a main character and his quest to find a goat to eat! Next week we move into transforming the plot through using different verbs and synonyms to create our own ‘super sentences’.

We continue developing our comprehension skills to answer here, head and heart questions for The Troll.

You can try asking these types of questions at home with your child when you hear them read:
Here: I can find the answer on the page.
Head: I can find the answer by thinking.
Heart: I can find the answer by considering feelings and emotions.



We are continuing to learn and explore our camera words for the remainder of the term:
because, two, another, more, here, our

and the phonemes /o/, for words with the spelling
o, oa, ow & o_e.

You can help by finding these sounds and words in books your children read at home and help them write and spell them.


Over the last two weeks Year One have been exploring length and fractions in Mathematics. We have been learning to fold two dimensional shapes to discover ways of creating equal halves and share objects into even groups.  When exploring length, we have used non-standard measures to record length and vocabulary such as long, longer than, different, a bit over, longest, exactly when we discuss length.

We have continued our investigations into what living things need to survive. The students have been labelling the parts of plants and creating instructions detailing how to care for their plant.

Unfortunately, only 1M and 1S were able to make their excursion to the Flower Market this week due to the inclement weather.  These students thoroughly enjoyed looking and smelling all the wonderful varieties of flowers and plants at the market.  Even more exciting was the opportunity to purchase a plant of their choice to take home and care for. A special thank you to the parents who assisted on our excursion either on the bus or by meeting us at the Flower Market.

On Monday 11 June,  1B and 1T were able to explore the market also.

What time is it? It’s TEAMWORK TIME! The Year One students this week have been working collaboratively to create a pet care kit. First, students had to agree on a pet in their groups and then create a kit and instructions on how best to care for their animal. It has been wonderful to see how they are able to work together effectively.

We are sure you will all agree the students put on an AMAZING performance during their Chinese Week assembly. It was wonderful to see so many wearing traditional dress too.  The students particularly enjoyed practising their Mandarin speaking skills as they conversed with our Chinese speaking parents during our Chinese shopping day.


Flower Market Excursion
Week 9 – Monday 11 June (1B and 1T only)

Dragon Boat Festival – Public Holiday
Week 10 Monday 18 June

Student Led Conferences – PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR
Week 10 Thursday 21 June

Final day of Term 2
Week 10 – Friday 22 June (midday finish)


Warm Regards,

Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Miss Smith and Mrs Toufeili