Year 1 News in Week 10, Term 2


As we wrap up Term 2, students have been reflecting on what it means to ‘transform’ a story. Over the term they have written fabulous transformations of Imagine, Where the Wild Things Are, Stuck and The Troll.

Next term we look forward to exploring the difference between imaginative and informative texts. In particular, we consider Can you learn facts from an imaginative book? And Can an informative book be used to entertain? Students will also look at persuasion and write their own persuasive texts.


This term, students have been busy exploring numbers, data, time, length and 3D shapes. Please encourage your children to look for 3D shapes in the environment around them and keep track of the time during the holidays.

In Term Three, we will continue our exploration of forward and backward number sequences and learn about money used in Australia and in Hong Kong. Students will also learn how to measure capacity and use directional language. We will use the Blue Bots to learn how coding works.


In Term Three we will become scientists as we hypothesise, conduct experiments and discuss our results. Students will use their senses to consider what changes are occurring and consider whether these changes are reversible.


It has been wonderful to see the Year One students working together during Teamwork Time. They have been developing their teamwork skills and reflecting on what is important when working with others. We are looking forward to more Teamwork Time fun next term!


The Student Led Conferences are designed to give you insight into your child’s learning journey and a chance to celebrate all that they have achieved so far. We hope that you enjoyed them. It was so wonderful to see the Year One students showing such pride in their achievements!

Please take some time over the holiday break to look through the Learning Journey folders and complete the white sheet at the front by writing down two aspects you were impressed by and one goal for Term Three. The Learning Journeys need to be returned to classrooms in Week One of Term Three.


As we are coming up for a long holiday break, we encourage you to keep up the reading with your child at home. You can support their writing by keeping a journal or diary where they write about significant events during the holidays.


We are thrilled to invite you to access SeeSaw, a platform we are using to share your child’s learning. You can access it via the Seesaw website or by downloading the app. At the Student Led Conference, you would have received 2 QR codes that allow you access to your child’s Seesaw folder (one code for the classroom and one for music). This provides you opportunities to engage in conversations with your children about their learning as it happens.


First day – Term 3
Week 1 – Tuesday 24 July

Wattle Mufti Day
Week 2 – Wednesday 1 August

Early Childhood Music Recital
Week 5 – Wednesday 22 August

Book Week
Week 6

Jacaranda Mufti Day
Week 6 – Wednesday 29 August

Warm Regards,

Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Miss Smith and Mrs Toufeili