Year 11 Wellbeing. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Senior students are often bogged down with assignments, exam revision, extracurricular commitments, tutors, and weekend jobs.

This begs the question: When do they have time to just relax and have fun?

Sometimes it’s tricky to get teenagers to engage in ‘wellbeing’ activities in an authentic way – too many demands and too much pressure to keep up appearances. Last Wednesday, 11J had some wellbeing time – we made Pasta People! Inspired by the TV show Seinfeld and the ‘Fusilli Jerry’, students made pasta sculptures of themselves. Suddenly, the year 11 ‘too cool for school’ crowd were engaged, laughing, joking, and photographing their sculptures for social media.

This goes to show that sometimes wellbeing is just about being silly and having fun together without any pressure to get it right. If everyone is cringy, then no one is cringy!

Christina Carini | Head of TAS