On l’a fait! Ce n’est pas la mer à boire ! Language Perfect World Championships 2018: AISHK First for French in Hong Kong!

It only took 61 fabulous French students at AISHK to be victorious 8 other schools here in Hong Kong (with most schools having over 200 French students). Globally we have been awarded 20th place out of a massive 2455 schools!

Our supreme star this year was Lily Evans, who with her extreme speed-typing tapped away to 10074 points and is now only the 3rd person ever in AISHK to be celebrating the achievement of an ELITE award.

Rockstar Rachel Wong of year 9 was not far off and was awarded an EMERALD award (over 5000 points).

Zooming Zoe Forster (year 7) came spectacularly in 3rd place, with a SILVER award!

The students in French have excelled this year and all students should be very proud of their marvellous achievements! Yet again, our amazing AISHK students are “en première position”! Impossible n’est pas français!


Elite (10000 points and over): Lily Evans

Emerald (5000 points and over): Rachel Wong

Silver (2000 points and over): Zoe Forster, Iris Yuan, Josephine Lee, Annie Marr, Petah Mallios

Bronze (1000 points and over): Natalie Kehoe, Ella Fraser, Emily McCauley, Isaac Lun, Jocelyn Wong, Elly Yiu, Isabella Tan, Stephanie Norton, Emily Busby, Annabel Brennan-Cohen, Kylie Lau, Andrew Ho, Naoise Breeze, Alfred Tan, Simona Ho

Credit (500 points and over): Morgane D’Argent, Victoria Lee, Phoebe Fraser, Cheuk Yiu Lam,     Ocean Hartnett, Thomas Busby, Elaine Lok, Oscar Chaplin, Sakura McCorkell, Jesse Brown, Logan Murphy, Alison Ho, Charlotte Drayton, Gilbert Scott, Phoebe Coogans

Special Language Perfect World Championships Awards will be distributed during Assembly at a later date!


Bien à vous,

Nadine Vanderhoek-Cossé | Head of French

Ian Pomeroy | Year 7 Homeroom Teacher