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Sun and Moon, Terrena Prep S

Prep students have been investigating the Weather. In art we have looked at the concept of hot vs cool colours and identified them on a colour wheel. The students were inspired by artist images of the sun and moon including stained glass artists. After looking at these images they created their own sun/moon pictures using hot/cool colours. They were encouraged to create detail and pattern in their texta and ink work images. Following on from the sun and moon images and inspired by Renoir’s Rain paintings, the students created rainy day images with overlapping shapes and ink using a spray bottle technique.


Rainy Day, Eva, Prep N
Jacaranda, Isla, 1B


Year 1
Year One students have been investigating Living Things. In art we have been inspired by Margaret Preston’s Native Australian Wildflower prints and discussed the work of Georgia O’Keefe; especially the use of shape and colour.  We discovered that some students had never previously seen some of our Australian native flowers. We used artists chalk on black paper to sketch the wildflower representing each of our colour houses- (Eucalypt/ Jacaranda/ Waratah and Wattle) and worked collaboratively in colour house groups.

Wattle Brianna, 1T


New Zealand and Japan, Saya 2F

Year 2
Students have completed an artwork about their Cultural Identity taking inspiration from illustrator Leslie Staub in Mem Fox’s book Whoever You Are. The students created a paper weaving using an image of themselves with open arms intertwined with the flag of the country where they feel most connected. The background colours and symbols were to represent another country of significance to the student and their family.




India and Australia, Taj 2F


Clio Apostolopoulos, 3B

Year 3
Students have continued to investigate Charlotte’s Web written by E B White and beautifully illustrated by Garth Williams through the exploration of one-point perspective drawing. Students used the technical drawing process to generate a farmyard barn and created perspective by placing Wilbur, Charlotte and other characters described in the book, in the foreground, middle ground and background. To finish the artwork, students applied colour and texture using different medium including water colour, pencil and oil pastel.



Hana Noronha, Audrey Lee, 4K

Year 4
Students have investigated purpose and meaning in their artwork by using and interpreting symbols and colours. Students generated a British Prince Albert tea pot and used Indigenous Australian symbols and story-telling methods to add decoration. Combining the British Prince Albert tea pot and the Indigenous Australian symbols depicted European and Indigenous Australian’s first contact and briefly discussed positive and negative outcomes of the two cultures colliding.

Avas Ki, 5P


Year 5
Students were inspired by Australian born artist Alex Platt to create a self-portrait with a background that depicted Hong Kong and a place of importance to them. Students made aesthetic choices about using symbols and colours to generate meaning and represent their ideas. The outcome was a beautiful self-portrait captured in charcoal and acrylic paint on plywood.




Aidan Choi, 6L

Year 6
GRAPP has been the focus for students in Year 6.  Students have continued to work on exploring their Images of Greatness by painting an acrylic portrait on canvas. This process began by investigating drawing and painting techniques. Students observed the human skull, muscles and how light and shadow create form and depth. Students are currently working on finishing their portrait and the standard is extremely high. GRAPP will be displayed from the 24 July, in the atrium.  I am truly excited about seeing the collection of portraits on display. I hope to see you there enjoying the students’ work.





Hopkins, Anne

Anne Hopkins | Primary Visual Arts Teacher

Cridland, Narelle

Narelle Cridland | Specialist Teacher – Visual Arts (Primary)