[Student Report] Images of Greatness

On June 7th, the year 6 students dressed up as a huge variety of idols, from Isaac Newton all the way to Cathy Freeman. All of the students hard work paid off as the 2018 Year 6 Images of Greatness was an amazing success. Walking away from the experience, we felt proud of our projects and have grown their knowledge on what greatness is, means and how it can be portrayed in diversity of olden and modern day icons.

Around 4 weeks before the showcase, Year 6 had already commenced preparation on their boards. We had already done parts of it for homework, and were in a confident mood to succeed. Everyone worked hard during the first week, sticking backgrounds and borders onto their new,fresh boards. Then they started on the lengthy and tough process of making and preparing for the grand day.

It wasn’t easy though. Each and everyone of the students faced several challenges, which included printers not working, losing our work and even having to restart some of our work! All Year 6’s tried desperately brought their artefacts and table cloths to school. Fortunately, everyone brought their stuff just in time for the big day.

But the excitement and difficulties didn’t stop there. On the day, everyone was all excited at first but in the end we were all tired but proud. The exhibition started at 9:05 in the morning and ended at 11:45, and all students were happy with the result. In the end, we all had a celebration and ended the day with a good old movie. We were all proud and can’t wait to see how we inspired the next generation of Year 6’s.

Aurora Aranez |  Year 6B

Jayden Fung | Year 6B