Year 5 Newsletter – Term 2, Week 6

This week has been dominated with NAPLAN each day.  Our Year 5 students have risen to every challenge with grace and poise, not to mention confidence in themselves, their abilities and their teachers as mentors.  We have been so proud that they have just gone about the week as any other week – accepting and doing their best.  This “snapshot-on-a-day” is interesting for us as a school, as  a Year Group and as individual teachers and forms also a basis to know what to work on further as the rest of the year unfolds.  Thank you to all parents who put their possible plans on hold this week to make sure that we had as full a complement as possible.

Chinese Week
Hot on the heels of testing this week comes a wonderful celebration of Hong Kong and China, with our Chinese Week.  Several things to note about the week are: Monday – we will gather to watch the “Lion Dance” on the field at 10:30.  Tuesday – could students please bring $20 to play games or purchase something small (and thus practise their Putonghua skills) in the auditorium during the day, when they have Chinese. Friday – is a day to dress up in traditional Chinese costumes during the day.  Please note that this is not a “mufti” day and only Chinese costumes are to be worn.  If they do not have a costume that is fine and normal uniform is expected.   PE gear will still be needed should your class have PE on Friday.

Hong Kong
We have been a little later than expected to begin our Hong Kong unit, but most classes have begun by considering WHERE we are and the layout of our place, the CULTURE of the city, at this stage represented by the flag and the ICONS of the city, mostly in terms of the buildings and special places that this amazing city has to offer. We will be continuing with historical understandings and geographical changes to the land mass.  We look forward to our field trips on 4 June to walk on reclaimed land and 12 June to the Coastal Defence Museum.

Three-Way Conferences
As you will know, we are now booking for these conferences next month.  For those of you who have been with us for under 12 months, let me explain, in case you have not encountered anything similar before.  On 22 June we do not hold regular classes at school, but instead we devote the day to our students (proudly!) showing off their learning so far in Year 5.  This will include various stations where you will look at your child’s portfolio, talk to the teacher and get the mid-year report and check out classroom displays.  It is a great day for students, parents and teachers!

All Year 5 classes have now had a visit to the LEAP Van, including Harold singing a song for us!  (Harold is a giraffe.)  Topics covered this year included the respiratory system, smoking and ways to deal with peer pressure.

That’s all from,

The Year 5 Team