Year 1 News in Week 5

Can you believe it is the beginning of Week 5 already and halfway through Term 2! Year 1 experienced a very busy Week 4. Read on to find out what we’ve been up to and some of the exciting things to come…

We continue with our literacy focus of transformation exploring the setting, characters and plot of various books.

The second story we are exploring is Where the Wild Things Are, written by Maurice Sendak. Year 1 students are enjoying discussing the main character and the setting behind this story. Students are continuing to use their comprehension strategies to determine the literal and inferred meaning about the key ideas in this text.

We continue developing our comprehension skills to answer here, head and heart questions for Where the Wild Things Are.

You can try asking these types of questions at home with your child when you hear them read:
Here: I can find the answer on the page.
Head: I can find the answer by thinking.
Heart: I can find the answer by considering feelings and emotions.

We are continuing to practice our camera words this term:
her, about, down, out, there, his

and the phoneme /i/, for words with the spelling
i, igh, ie, & i_e.

You can help by finding these sounds in books your children read at home and help them spell them if they have not yet mastered them.

Year 1 have continued exploring the concept of data, conducting our own surveys and compiling graphs to illustrate our results. We are learning how to use Google Sheets with Mr Ohlson during Digital Literacies. We have entered survey data into a google sheet and are learning how to create graphs and interpret the survey results.

Over the next week we will investigate time learning to recognise time to the half-hour on analogue and digital clocks and use our skip counting in 5’s to assist with our learning.


We have conducted an experiment to determine the needs of a plants by taking away light, water, soil (food) and air. After making predictions, our daily observations of the plants are helping us form conclusions as to what plants need to survive.

We continue our investigations into Living Things and we are now focusing on the external features of living things, learning to identify and compare the external features of animals we know.

Teamwork Time
The Year One students are loving our ‘Teamwork Time’ activities. Last week they created a habitat for a living thing. Each group had to ensure they met all the needs of the living thing…food, water, sunlight, air and shelter so the animal would survive. Students continue developing their listening skills, sharing ideas and kindness when working in their teams.

We have been very fortunate to have Ms Meg come into our classrooms once a week to teach us all mindfulness. This week Ms Meg had us placing our arms across our bodies to help active our brains ready for learning. She also taught us mindful walking. Be sure to ask your child to demonstrate how to walk mindfully!

Mother’s Day Craft Afternoon
A big thank you to all our mums who were able to attend our Mother’s Day craft afternoon last week. We trust you enjoyed creating some beautiful flowers with your children. It was wonderful to see all the students so engaged and focused on their creations. We hope our mums had a wonderful day on Sunday!

Early Childhood Swimming Carnival
You should all be very proud of the progress your children have made during their swimming lessons which culminated in a successful swimming carnival last Thursday. If you were able to come and watch we are sure you will agree that the students showed courage, skill and determination in all their races and displayed exemplary behaviour and sportsmanship. Congratulations to Wattle House for winning the carnival followed closely behind by Jacaranda House.

Think back to your childhood and reading the magical story of The Wizard of Oz. “I’m melting!”, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto!”, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” We’ve all heard these lines, we all know the song and our incredible cast of 2018 will bring this remarkable, sparkling story to life for our community in Week 9!

There will be four performances on:
Thursday 14 June 7.30pm
Friday 15 June 7.30pm
Saturday 16 June matinee at 2.30pm
Saturday 16 June at 7.30pm.

Ticket sales will be open in Week 5. So please come and join us to be a part of what is a life changing experience and certainly a time in their schooling lives that our students will never forget. Look out for further information coming your way soon.

Waratah Mufti Day

Week 5 – Wednesday 16th May

Early Childhood Assembly (Year One hosting)

(Please come and sit in the Auditorium as soon as you arrive before the assembly starts)
Week 5 – Friday 18th May, 8:30am

Buddha’s Birthday Public Holiday

Week 6 – Tuesday 22nd May

Flower Market Excursion

Week 8 – Tuesday 5th June (1S and 1M), Wednesday 6th June (1B and 1T)

Student Led Conferences – Please mark your calendar
Week 10 – Thursday 21st June

Warm Regards,
Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Miss Smith and Mrs Toufeili