Year 11 Students Bust Myths for IB Project

In Term 2, Year 11 IB students gathered together for the Group 4 Project. Students from each of the Group 4 subjects: Biology, Chemistry, DT, and Physics came together to ‘Myth Bust’ a TV show or film of their choice. This year we have seen students investigate the science of ‘Black Panther’, busting the myth that flowering plants could grow in a dark cave; and the science behind ‘Spiderman’, showing that with the right chemistry, someone could create an artificial spider web that could hold their weight.

The emphasis was as much on cooperation between the students and collaboration amongst the different scientific disciplines, as the outcome. It was a valuable experience where students came to understand more about problem solving and the nature of the IB Diploma curriculum.

Lee Taylor | Head of Science (Years 7 – 12)