Success for SDRC Basketballers

On 17-19 May, 10 Boys and 9 Girls travelled to the American International School of Guangzhou in China to compete in the SDRC Basketball Tournament along with 4 other schools in the region. Under the guidance of Mr. Pilgrim, the Boys’ team came second and Mr. Morgan’s Girls team won the championship!

Over the three days of intense competition, our Boys and Girls team played with great energy and effort. The perseverance and drive on both teams were evident in every match played. Players that were new to the sport also played with great enthusiasm and became valuable members to the team as the games progressed. In addition to the appreciation of the sport itself, new experiences and friendships were made from the homestay experience.

All of the students involved in this tournament are to be commended on their sportsmanship, endeavor, and teamwork skills which led to amazing results:

AISHK Girls Team – 1st place winners:

Hannah Abrahamian

Savanna Chow

Kayla Graham

Caitlyn Harbottle

India Knowling

Jeannie Leung

Rachael McIver

Bethany Mok

Natasha Pizzala

Mr. Morgan (Coach)


AISHK Boys Team – 2nd place winners:

Andrew Ding

Martin Dy

Harry Healy

Cheuk Yiu Lam

Wilson Liao

Ian Lu

Isaac Lun

James Pattison

Andrew Song

Tony Zhang

Mr. Pilgrim (Coach)


All-Star Players:

Kayla Graham

Harry Healy

India Knowling

Cheuk Yiu Lam

Sarah Sitthitheerarat | Tournament Manager