Double Gold For Aquathon Team

14 of our fastest primary school students joined 190 students from 15 International and ESF schools on Friday 18 May to take part in the Annual Kellett Aquathon.

An Aquathon is a swim/run event competed in teams of 6; 3 boys and 3 girls. Each team member swims 250m and runs 850m with the times or rankings added together to determine the winner.

Our team has been training every Friday and public holiday for 2 hours to prepare for this meet under the guidance of Coach, Jules Ware.

Training sessions have included run sets, stair runs, transition work outs and many laps in the pool.

What a fabulous result for AISHK to be named the top ranked A Team on the day and the top ranked B Team together with some impressive times from our two reserves.

A Team
Benji Miles
Charlie Ware
Albert Wang
Aavni Ahuja
Shanae Ohlson
Kylie Roberts

B Team
Joshua Buffon
Jack Ridley
Denver Philips
May Baxter
Bernice Siu
Katiya Pizzala

Thomas Gibson
Lindsay Tang

We now intensify our training for the end of season event at KGV on June the 9th.

Congratulations to all involved.

Peter Wooden | Director of Sports and Activities