AISHK Students Shine at HK Interschool Gymnastics Competition

The HK Interschool Gymnastics competition, held April – May 2018, is one of the biggest gymnastic competitions in Hong Kong. This year 156 primary schools and 75 secondary school participated.

AISHK had 11 gymnasts competing this year, more than ever before.


Boys C Grade: William Makridakis and Harry Makridakis
Girls C grade: Beatrix Kennedy,  Cheyenne Liu, Emma Monaci, Samantha Mackinlay
Girls B Grade: Amy Lotter,  Anabelle Richardson,  Remi Apostolopoulos, Dana Retboell


Girls A grade: Amelie Gibson  |  Click here to view a video of Amelie’s floor routine!

Team results

C Grade Girls: 8th in the HK & Kowloon area B grade girls: 15th

Individual results

Primary Boys C Grade: Harry Makridakis 14th on vault and 21st on floor.
Secondary Girls A Grade: Amelie came 2nd on the floor and 4th on the vault.

The boys were interviewed by Upower during their competition, please click here to view the great video!

Congratulations to all involved in your outstanding achievements in representing AISHK.

Peter Wooden | Director of Sports and Activities