AISHK Welcomes Artist Ian Murphy

On Tuesday the 8th of May 2018, the elective visual arts students from Years 9, 10 and 11 participated in a workshop directed by the artist Ian Murphy. In this workshop Ian Murphy explained his stages of creating and deigning his artworks and how he uses tone, colour and texture to portray and communicate scenes and objects (such as buildings, doors and statues/sculptures) from his travels around the world. His design process begins with a quick pen sketch in one of his many sketchbooks, he then produces several scaled-up copies varying in colours and textures which he then uses these to produce large oil painting on canvas.

In this workshop we produced a painting from a reference photo which we had selected before the class. Some techniques we were taught focused on considerations of tone and colour, texture, and how to use positive and negative space. We layered tissue and newspaper on paper to create texture and used watered down acrylic paint to create translucent colours that obscured but also slightly showed the lettering and texture of the paper below. We then sanded this to create a broken texture.

All the art students were grateful for the experience and immensely enjoyed the concept of a workshop and learning about process and technique. It was interesting to learn how the artist Ian Murphy designs and produces work in how he uses colour can to portray tone and how he incorporates texture into his work.

Written by Alyssa Lotter | Year 9 Student

Sze, Amanda

Amanda Sze| Visual Arts and Design Technology Teacher