[Head of School Message] Alumni Reunions

Last week I had the great pleasure of hosting alumni events for past students, staff members and parents in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

A diversity of students, staff and parents attended the reunions, including AISHK Alumni Patrons Mrs Chris Neilsen AM (former Head of School), Ms Margaret Merrell (former Assistant Principal, Primary), Dr Jocelyn Chey (former Consul-General for Australia in Hong Kong)  and Mr Jeff Hunter (former Member of Parliament in NSW).

At each of these events we had one past student speak about their experiences at AISHK and how their time at AISHK and living in Hong Kong has molded them and contributed hugely to their current success. The students were 2015 Prefect, Beatrice Brennan-Cohen in Sydney, 2014 School Captain, Thomas Murphy in Melbourne and 2014 School Captain, Sian Pannach in Sydney.

Overwhelmingly, the students spoke with great fondness about the school and the amazing opportunities they experienced. Many of them articulated that they didn’t realise how special their AISHK experience was until they met with other students at university and compared and shared their school experiences.

There is no doubt that the alumni believed that their time at AISHK prepared them really well academically to be successful after school but also to be truly prepared to be global citizens who are independent, internationally minded, accepting and empathetic.

For me it highlighted how incredibly unique the education we provide at AISHK is and the life long influence it has on our students. We may not realise what we have at the time, but after speaking with our incredibly successful alumni who attribute much of their success to their time at AISHK, there is no doubt that time spent at this school and living in Hong Kong is invaluable.


Mark Hemphill | Head of School