Welcome Back

The term started off with an exciting excursion to The Stephen Hui Geology Museum at Hong Kong University. It was a fantastic way to provoke and ignite students’ interest in our investigation around What Lies Beneath Our Feet. We will engage in a range of activities and experiments throughout Term 2 to further our understanding.

Term Two Teaching and Learning

Our English unit of inquiry is called Let’s Make it Stick. We will be exploring the glue (cohesion) that sticks texts together. Cohesion is the grammatical and lexical linking within a text or sentence that holds it together and gives it meaning. By exploring the concept of cohesion, students understand how authors create a written piece of work that follows a logical sequence and builds on information that has come before. By incorporating language features, layout and visual language, writers can impart messages that the responder can understand.

The Integrated unit of study, Beneath Our Feet, provides students with the opportunity to explore the concept of change by considering: what lies beneath our feet? And how has the earth changed over time? Even things that might appear to be immovable such as mountains or rock formations are gradually changing. Students will also explore how these changes over time have affected humans and how humans can be the catalyst for some of these changes.

In Mathematics, students will complete three investigations, Time of my life, Ripper Rides and Plenty of Pikelets. Again, these investigations that will explore the Mathematical strands, Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Data, and are designed to foster inquiry by ensuring students apply their understanding to real-life contexts.

Year 4 Camp 23-25 May

The countdown is on. The students in Year 4 are gearing up for what will be an exciting and fun-filled camp. It will be an opportunity for them all to develop greater independence, form new friendships and strengthen existing ones and to build confidence and skills such as teamwork and effective collaboration.
Please make sure you have registered your child online with Dragonfly and the necessary paperwork has been returned to school. We will be providing further information about camp next week.

IT Collaborative Afternoon

On Friday 27 April, Year Four students participated in an IT challenge led by Mr Ohlson. All students came together as a grade to work on a coding challenge with the Lego Wedo robots. Mr Ohlson spoke about the skills of collaboration and problem solving. The students were put into groups of four, one student from each class. Then they were given tasks they had to accomplish with their group. It was amazing to see the teamwork, creative coding and positive communication across all groups.

Year 4 Sport

Dates for the diary

Friday 11 May – Assembly (Year 5 hosting)
Wednesday 16 May – Waratah Mufti Day
Week 5 – LEAP Van Visits
Tuesday 22 May – Public Holiday (Buddha’s Birthday)
Wednesday – Friday, 23 – 25 May – Year 4 Camp
Week 7 – Chinese Week
Friday 8 June – Assembly (Year 4 Hosting)


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