ISSFHK Track and Field Championships

At the end of last term 20 students from the secondary division participated in the annual ISSFHK Track and Field Championships at Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground, Hong Kong. The bright sunny conditions really helped lift the spirit of our young athletes to achieve their personal best. All were positive in their approach to their individual events and team relays.

Congratulations to the following students.

Amelie Gibson 7H Joshua Abrahamian 7W
Elke Chaplin 7E Patrick Cheung 7J
Miu Tanaka 7E Toby Dear 7J
Natasha Pizzala 7J Jorge Cooney 8E
Chiara Prosser 10H Oscar Chaplin 9E
Madeleine Dudman 10W Jasim Haja 10W
Aneekah Styles 12E Matthew Vermeulen 10W
Ellen Wright 12J Zachary Chu 12W
Eleanor Kehoe 12W Thaddeus Summers 12W
Justin Trent 12W
    Ryan Walker 12J

Here are our top 10 results from the Championships:

U12 Girls
Amelie Gibson, 7H

800m – 3rd
High Jump – 3rd

U12 Boys
Joshua Abrahamian, 7H
High Jump – 6th

U14 Boys
Oscar Chaplin, 9E
1500m – 2nd
High Jump – 5th

U16 Girls
Chiara Prosser, 10H
High Jump – 8th
U20 Girls
Ellen Wright, 12J
1500m – 2nd
3000m – 5th
Shot Put – 4th

Eleanor Kehoe, 12W
Shotput – 7th

Aneekah Styles, 12E
1500m – 8th

U20 Boys
Ryan Walker, 12J

Javelin – 1st
Long Jump – 9th

Zachary Chu, 12W
High Jump – 7th

Thaddeus Summers, 12W
1500m – 4th

Many thanks also go to Mr Nathan Boon and Mr Glenn Carter for their assistance during the championships.

Kin Wong | Athletics Manager