Year 10 Visual Arts Students Excursion to Sham Shui Po

Exuberant and with anticipation, I stepped out the metro station, amidst the textile grocer’s neighbourhood, lost in the bustle of trolley carts and hundreds of people heaving and lugging loads of red plastic bags. Sham Shui Po – home to a thriving textile manufacturing industry, shaped by its local charm and modern amenities.

On 19 April, Year 10 Visual Arts students embarked on a photography excursion to Sham Shui Po. This photography excursion encouraged students to embrace emerging media whilst developing  skill sets with traditional media techniques.

Students reviewed manual camera operations, shot photos of compelling subjects, utilised new technical and compositional skills and discussed the plethora of images captured at, and en route to Pei Ho Street and Lai Chi Kok Road. Many students applied the skills they had developed in class as they photographed various landscapes, architecture and people. Students were also encouraged to try techniques such as motion freeze, panning and capturing interesting light and a deeper depth of field. From these collections of photographs, students will then use them to create a digitally manipulated artwork exploring cultural identity. They will learn more advanced post-processing techniques in the following visual art lessons.

The students found this excursion to be meaningful, beautiful and absorbing and spent a great deal of time taking in the local community, capturing its beauty on camera and analysing the meaning behind the work.

If you wander the streets and accidentally stumble across some hidden alleyways, these little side streets will grant you a glimpse of the cultural core of this dense urban metropolis; true to itself, lively and fully authentic.


Hayden Young | Year 10W