Year 6 News

Any spectator in the auditorium last Friday morning would agree that our Year 6 students made us all proud with their commitment and enthusiasm that was beaming boundlessly from the stage. Our rappers started us off with their quirk to perk up the audience and tell them all about Biodiversity in a way that is far, far from the norm.

Next, we placed each and every spectator in a very different pair of shoes. That is, the shoes of a Year 6 student. From a Year 6 student’s perspective, a glimpse was given of what our days have turned into. It could not be argued that this cinematic delight starring our very own students will be around for quite some time! A very special thanks goes to Corey Wilson  for giving his time and talent to help make our film shine.

But wait! There was still more. Year 6 dazzled and delighted with their grand finale of, ‘The Circle of Life’. Complete with beating African drums and the sweet symphony of a string ensemble, there were quite a few dampening eyes across the auditorium.  This very special Assembly was beautifully tied together by our Master of Ceremonies who spoke with confidence and articulation. Congratulations to our students on such a fine Assembly.

Mammoth the day was. Soon, we were all aboard a bus to the sprawling grounds of Kowloon West Promenade. What a venue! Each and every Year 6 student ran with all of their might and strove to achieve their very best. They persevered and showed resilience. Who could ask for more?! All Houses put up a fight, but it was Jacaranda who took the grand prize.  Congratulations to our place recipients:


First: Cooper Wnek
Second: Jack Ridley
Third: Joshua Buffon


First: Amelia Larcombe
Second: Aavni Ahuja
Third: Abbey Forster


Now let’s get ready for our Athletics Day on Monday. Our Year 6 students have been training hard in PE lessons. Hope to catch you there!

Library lessons are always a treat and a time to savour the literacy delights that our school is overbrimming with. This week, however, was particularly special as we began to listen to the contents being revealed from the curious and intricately created Paper Bag projects. Each brown, paper vessel was carefully decorated with the structure of a quality book review. Within the paper lining, objects and images were stored which symbolised connections that the students had made. An absolutely delightful dinner table conversation! We were all enthralled.

Thank you for a wonderful start to Year 6 and we wish your family a safe and enjoyable Easter break. See you in Term Two!

The Year 6 Team

Earth Hour
We recognised Earth Hour and were even more conscious of the energy and waste that we could reduce throughout the day. Examples of our carefully considered choices included: using natural light, opening up the windows, ensuring that all screens, lights and air conditioners were turned off when not in use and using recycled paper whenever possible. This environmentally friendly thinking continued during our eating time when we stopped to ponder any waste from our lunch boxes and had the rich discussions of how we could reduce waste even more. It was of course unanimous: Earth Hour should be on our mind’s every day and our Year 6 students certainly were aware and proudly took on AISHK’s pledge:

“AISHK pledges to support Earth Hour by turning off all non-essential lights for one hour (or more) on Friday 23 March, 2018. We also pledge to safeguard the future of the Earth by treasuring the world’s natural resources, using sustainable products and reducing waste.”

The Hong Kong community have the opportunity to support Earth Hour on every year and more information can be found by visiting the WWF website.

Images of Greatness is coming up!

Images of Greatness is drawing nigh and Term Two will be an exciting journey of learning and discovery for us all. For the Year 6 students, it all starts well before the Auditorium doors are swung open on Thursday the 7th of June, to reveal this living, breathing museum of incredibly great people spanning from all corners of not only the globe but from history. Next term we will begin to explore what ‘greatness’ actually means. What are the character strengths that a great person exudes? Questions and thinking will be firing indeed. We encourage you to hold such conversations at home and begin to discuss: ‘Who will be your Image of Greatness and most importantly, why?’


Madame Tussauds Excursion

To kick off our brainstorming of Images of Greatness is of course our excursion to Madame Tussads. We thank those who have already generously given their time to assist us by leading a small group through the museum. More volunteers would still be appreciated so please contact your classroom teacher if you are available on the morning of Monday the 23rd of April.

We kindly ask that you meet us there at the museum and cover your admission. It is always a fun day that our students love!

Message from the Environmental Committee

Our Environmental Committee has been busy indeed on their quest to educate and assist our school by reducing our use of litter and waste. Last week we had a meeting with the head of Chartwells, Mr O’Grady. We raised many points of concern and asked him at least 100 questions. Mr O’Grady, was a willing listener. We wanted to change some things including not using single use containers anymore, especially from the Tuckshop and Café. By the beginning of next term we will be using washable plates and metal cutlery instead of disposable items. This will be one of many changes and we will let you know more in the upcoming months.


House Keeping

Just a few little reminders. It is important that laptops are shut down each night when they are charging. Software can only be updated if the machine has been completely turned off.

Students are encouraged to bring combination lockers to school to keep their items safe.

As the hot weather starts to creep in, students are encouraged to keep some roll on deodorant in their lockers. Hats are a part of our school uniform and all students are required to have their hat during playtime and sport lessons. Please help your child in remembering this.


Over the Easter Break

Rest, relaxation, play and family time is essential to rejuvenate and prepare for the busy term ahead. We also encourage our students to find enjoyment in reading over the holidays.

The Standard Newspaper currently has a writing competition taking submissions. Perhaps some of our budding authors may wish to pen down their creative ideas during the break!? Check it out.


Cross Country: They ran and they ran!