Year 1 News

This term has focused on appreciation with Mem Fox books as the main source of inspiration. Children chose their favourite Mem Fox book and explained why they made this choice, as well as chose a book to connect with and drew on their individual experiences to connect with the events and characters.

We also investigated the techniques illustrators use and their input into what makes a book good. We looked at how David Miller created paper art illustrations for the book Boo to a Goose. Then each child created one page for a class book that used paper art and followed the rhyme pattern and structure of Boo to a Goose. These books are part of our class libraries now.

We have completed our study of these camera words:
want, many, some, love, one, has

and the phoneme /ee/, for words with the spelling:
ea, e, ee, & y.

The children have been looking for and using these words and sound pattern in their literacy rotations activities and have made progress throughout the term in identifying and spelling words with this phoneme.

You can help by continuing to practice finding these words in books children read at home and help them spell them if they have not yet mastered them. In term 2 we move on a new set of camera words and a new phoneme.

We have continued our efforts in describing chance events and discussed how we can use probability to play fairly – such as coin toss or rock, paper scissors. We used terms such as; likely, unlikely, will or will not happen to describe events based on what information we have and make predictions of future outcomes.

We have also looked at subtraction and continued working with place value. Our main task has been to represent a number through words, images, place value and place it on a number line.

Children have learned how we use language to talk about time. For example; when talking about the past children used phrases such as, when I was a child; last year; or as a baby. They prepared and presented a short talk about their past, present and future to showcase their unique experiences and attributes.


Students have also been comparing their own lives with others in the class and created a personal calendar with dates of significance. Our Head of School Mr. Mark Hemphill visited our classes to discuss his personal history with the children. The children were able to ask questions and reflect on their own presentations of their personal histories.

We have been fortunate enough to have some additional equipment added to our playground for recess and lunch play. The equipment includes a giant chess board, skipping ropes, some balance equipment, hula-hoops and more. The children have enjoyed using them each day and have shown great responsibility in packing them up too.

Last week the children had a special talk from a visiting dentist, who encouraged the children to brush their teeth. The children learned about how their teeth change and how best to care for them, including brushing twice a day and for at least 90 seconds.

From all of us on the Year One team we congratulate each child for settling in to Year One with confidence and kindness. We look forward to more fun and learning in term 2 and wish everyone a safe and happy Easter Holiday break. Please note the important dates below.


Start of Term 2
Week 1 -Tuesday 17 April

Anzac Day
Week 2 – Wednesday 25 April

Labour Day holiday
Week 3 – Tuesday 1 May

Early Childhood Assembly
Week 3 – 8:30am, Friday 4 May

Mother’s Day PA Function
Week 4 – Friday 11 May

Waratah Mufti Day
Week 5 – Wednesday 16 May

Early Childhood Assembly

Week 5 – 8:30am, Friday 18 May

Buddha’s Birthday Holiday
Week 6 – Tuesday 22 May

Excursion Flower Market– To be confirmed

Warm Regards,
Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Miss Smith and Mrs Toufeili