ACAMIS 2018 Swimming Competition

On Thursday 22 March, AISHK sent 21 students to Suzhou, China, which is 2 hours from Shanghai, to compete at the ACAMIS 2018 Swimming Competition. Students aged 12 and below competed at Singapore International School Suzhou and students 13 and over competed at Dulwich College Suzhou. There were over 700 swimmers competing and some very good times were posted by our very own AISHK swimmers. The team AISHK sent was: Kirsten Tran, Aavni Ahuja, Emma Loui, Lorraine Tang, Chloe Yule, Sophia Zervaas, Jade Ohlson, Miu Tanaka, Emma Phillis, Angelina Valentine, Alistair Chan, Denver Phillips, Cheuk Yiu Lam, Joshua Buffon, Matthew Ohlson, Jayden Hong, Ryan Phillips, Ashvin Malkani, Henry Phillis, William Phillis and Kaitlyn Buffon.

Every student from AISHK achieved personal best swims during the competition, a lot of students made finals and some students won medals. Those people who got medals were Lorraine Tang, Matthew Ohlson and Jade Ohlson. Relay teams also performed very well with the Under 12 Girls winning silver in both the freestyle relay and medley relay. The 13-14 boys won silver in the freestyle relay and bronze in the medley relay. The Over 15 year old boys won bronze in their freestyle relay at Dulwich College. Out of all the Under 12 Girls, Jade Ohlson scored the 3rd highest number of points at this competition.

Out of the 26 schools that competed, AISHK came 7th. This was a very good result for us because most of the larger schools sent 48 swimmers, twice the number we sent. This competition saw a number of swimmers representing AISHK overseas for the first time and they did themselves and the school proud. They all competed with lots of passion, displayed outstanding sportsmanship and showed impeccable manners during the whole trip.

A big thanks goes out to Eric, Mark, Ms Marsh and the amazing parents who came to support the team in Suzhou. Next year’s ACAMIS swimming competition will also be held in Suzhou, so if you’d like to be a part of it, get training because we can only take the six fastest boys and girls in each age group.


Ohlson, Carl

Carl Ohlson | AISHK Swim Team Manager