Year 8 Visual Arts Excursion

On Friday 23 February, a group of Year 8 visual arts students visited some noteworthy examples of architecture located on Hong Kong island. Students began looking at a traditional place of worship called the Pak Tai Temple located on Lung On Street, Wan Chai. A neighbouring building in Wan Chai that students also examined was a residential building called the Blue House, a traditional tong lau (唐樓) style, named so because of its’ balconies surrounding the exterior of the upper levels. In contrast to these buildings from the past, students then walked towards the more famous commercial skyscrapers that Hong Kong is renowned for. Lippo Centre was viewed, followed by the Bank of China and lastly the HSBC building in Central. Students were set with the task of taking photographs and by making decisions about the composition in terms of capturing interesting angles, capturing zoomed in details as well as capturing deeper depth of field. From these collections of photographs students will use these images as inspiration to be incorporated into their artwork.

Students said…

“We were able to learn about the history of Hong Kong through architecture, it was very interesting. We got to see the city from a different perspective and appreciate it in a way we never had before.”

“We learnt about some of Hong Kong’s oldest temple’s and one of the first partitioned flats which helped us learn about the history of architecture in Hong Kong.”

“We were able to understand more of Hong Kong’s architectural history and how it has developed into being something beautiful today, – when we first started with mere bricks and square-buildings.”

Sze, Amanda

Amanda Sze| Visual Arts and Design Technology Teacher