Guest Speaker Inspires The Future of Tomorrow

On Tuesday 27 March, Year 12 HSC English students were fortunate enough to hear from an inspirational guest speaker, Jay-Z as part of their HSC English Area of Study for Discovery.

Jay-Z shared the story of his personal journey from West Africa, where he was recruited as a child soldier, to his life in Hong Kong. His honest and open discussion of the challenges and injustice he has faced since escaping West Africa in 2003 gave our Year 12 students a powerful insight into the plight of asylum seekers in Hong Kong.

It was clear from the thoughtful questions and sensitive comments that emerged during the Q & A session that the students had formed strong personal responses to Jay-Z’s compelling story. Jay-Z reminded the students that they are the “future of tomorrow” and should take advantage of their education to be agents of change, seeking to remove injustice from the world. His presentation is certain to have a positive impact on their understanding of the concept of discovery, cementing their awareness of the difficult journey asylum seekers experience to find refuge.

On behalf of the AISHK English staff and pupils, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to Jay-Z for visiting our school, sharing his experience and inspiring our HSC students.


Aileen O’Donnell |  Secondary Teacher, English