Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

Congratulations to the following students on receiving their award this week.

Bronze Awards are given to Secondary students who demonstrate an outstanding achievement or make a valuable contribution to an aspect of school life. Silver and Gold awards are awarded upon an accumulation of Bronze Awards.

First Name Surname Year Homeroom Award
Alfred Chan 7 E Bronze
Naoise Breeze 7 H Bronze
Zoe Forster 7 H Bronze
Jesse Brown 7 J Bronze
Josephine Lee 7 W Bronze
Madi Baker 8 E Bronze
Daniel Rollason 8 E Bronze
Charlize Taper 8 H Bronze
Taylor Wall 8 H Bronze
Emmanuel Wong 8 H Bronze
Kayla Graham 8 J Bronze
Edwina Sze 10 E Bronze
Ella Bindley 10 H Bronze
Elizabeth Kwok 10 H Bronze
Kylie Lau 10 W Bronze
Audrey Au 11 E Bronze
Nathan Lu 11 E Bronze
David Mitchell 11 H Bronze
Kevin Hebestreit 11 J Bronze
Benedict Hu 11 W Bronze
Temana Short 11 W Bronze
Iris Yuan 11 W Bronze
Ronan Fownes 12 W Bronze
Ronan Fownes 12 W Bronze
Justin Trent 12 W Bronze