New Online Resource for Literacy

An essential part of a great English education is developing literacy skills, especially in reading and writing. For AISHK students, this area is especially important in light of the New South Wales Education Standards Authority’s recent decision to link attainment of a minimum standard in literacy to award of the Higher School Certificate.

The AISHK English Department has always strived to build the literacy capacity of students through study of varied and exciting texts and topics. This year, to further develop proficiency in this area, we are pleased to introduce access for all Year 7, 8 and 9 students to an engaging online resource called Literacy Planet. Designed by educators to support the Australian Curriculum and NAPLAN tests conducted in Years 7 and 9, this resource includes thousands of exercises that cover aspects including reading, comprehension, spelling, writing, grammar and punctuation. We are confident that Literacy Planet will be an ideal complement to all the enriching experiences of regular English classes.

Before the end of term, students will be given login details to the site. While some exercises will be assigned by teachers according to individual and class needs, there are many more activities that students can work through at their own pace.

Parents are encouraged to visit the website at this address and as always, very welcome to contact the Head of English, Mr Phillips, with any further questions.

Peter Phillips | Head of English