Primary Visual Arts Celebrates the Year of the Dog

Early Childhood: Dogs have been a common theme across the grades this Term.

Prep students have looked at traditional Chinese Paper cuts for inspiration practising a wide range of fine motor skills including tracing, tearing and cutting Chinese paper and red packets, pasting and using foam brushes and dye to create their dog images.

Amber, Prep S
Rayne, Prep B
Year One students have been inspired by the author/illustrator Lynley Dodd- who created Hairy MacLary. Their focus has been on the element of texture; manipulating a variety of papers and fabrics to create their dog images.

Jed, 1B                                           Zoe, 1M


Year Two students were inspired by George Rodrigue and his Blue Dog Series. They looked at simple shape/contour drawing and the use of a complementary opposite colour scheme to create their works.             

Feena, 2G

Primary: Students in Primary have celebrated Chinese New Year by investigating different printing techniques, painting surfaces and artists to bring in the Year of the Dog.

James, 4Y

Year 4 students responded to the work of Australian Artist, Rona Green and the technique of lino printing to generate their artwork. Their finished artwork explored a variety of symbols in the form of tattoos to narrate; ‘Who they are’ and ‘What is important to them’.

Year 3 students explored the technique of Mono Printing to generate a portrait of a dog. Students used paint, tissue paper and complementary colours to create a textured background. Students also responded to their work by reflecting on, ‘What Went Well’ and ‘Even Better If’.

Cayden, 3F


Veronica and Angus 6D

Year 6 students were inspired by the work of American artist, William Wegman to generate their artwork.  Students explored the technique of Mono printing to capture a portrait of a dog and manipulated colour paper to create a collage to identify a vocation of interest.

Lindsay, 5S

Year 5 students responded to the work of Australian artist, Jenny Watson and appreciated her naïve style and use of found fabrics to paint on.  Students generated a painting on fabric to reflect a personal memory, dream or wish about a dog.

Cridland, Narelle

Narelle Cridland | Specialist Teacher – Visual Arts (Primary)

Hopkins, Anne

Anne Hopkins | Primary Visual Arts Teacher