[Message from AISMUN IX Team] Seeking F&B Sponsor

A team of secondary students have been hard at work in recent months, planning for the 2018 Model United Nations conference, AISMUN IX.

Through this year’s theme, “Between the Lines”, AISMUN IX encourages delegates to look beyond what we see in our everyday life. What are we not seeing? What can we do better? As with every other year, we are proud to be able to continue the tradition of hosting and further expanding our school conference to discuss global issues with students all over Asia. Here is a video recap of AISMUN VII.

To be held on May 25-27, the annual AISMUN event will welcome some 220 participants from AISHK and other international schools.

Having organised the majority of food and beverage options, in order to minimise costs to their budget, we are still seeking a potential Food/Beverage Sponsor to provide afternoon tea for one day, to cater for approximately 220 people. Appropriate foods would be a nutritious snack such as granola bars, or other food suitable for convenient consumption during an afternoon tea break.

In return, the sponsor would enjoy logo and branding visibility on all AISMUN IX promotional materials and platforms, including but not limited to posters, flyers and the AISMUN IX official website.

Should any parents or members of the wider school community be able and interested in assisting as a food sponsor, either through a special price or donation of samples please email.

Your contribution will be greatly appreciated, if you are interested, please email AISMUN team at aismunix@gmail.com.

We thank you in advance for your consideration. 

Edmund Sze, Wendy Liang
| Deputies General
Kylie Lau, Lizzy Kwok | Deputy Secretaries General
Matt Vermeulen
| Head of Media and Communications
Ella Bindley | Head of Training