Calling for Expressions of Interest – Sports Committee

Parents are invited to submit an expression of interest to join the Sports Committee for 2018. To register your interest, please email Mr David Shirley, Head of Primary and Chair of the Sports Committee.

The committee is searching for two parent committee members to represent school community and attend all Sports Committee meetings in 2018. Ideally, the committee would like one parent committee member from the Primary Division and one from the Secondary Division. Meetings are held twice per term at AISHK, and are usually scheduled at 5:00pm. Please read the statement below regarding the Sports Committee’s role.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee develops and implements the AISHK Sports Policy and focuses on all aspects of school sports that involve AISHK students, including:

  • Local and international representative competitions
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Sports-related finances
  • Awards and celebrations

The committee will develop and advocate a Sports Code for students, parents and coaches to ensure the AISHK Sports Program reflects the School’s ethos, culture and values.

The Sports Committee acts as a forum for discussion relating to any new initiatives within its identified areas of operation and ensures that sports-related sections of the School Development Plan are achieved.

The committee will meet as required and called by the Chair.

Shirley, David

David Shirley | Head of Primary