AISHK Volleyball Community ‘Setting’ Up to Host Students from around the World

The AISHK Volleyball community is hard at work in preparation for the SDRC Volleyball tournament which we are hosting from 8 – 10 March.

Students, teachers and coaches are training well together for the upcoming tournament, with everyone involved showing amazing commitment, resilience and plenty of laughs as they prepare to host 80 students and coaches who will be visiting our magnificent school.

As these dedicated students practice their digs, sets and spikes, we also need further support of the families from our school to dig in with our students and help host the students of other schools to ensure the tournament’s success. The International Tournaments are an amazing experience for our travelling students and only possible when the entire AISHK family becomes actively involved.

If you can host please contact the ECA Office, or find out more about hosting here. We sincerely appreciate your support.

Peter Wooden | Director of Sports and Activities