Secondary Update

Secondary Friendship Day success

Congratulations to all student leaders, which includes the SRC representatives, for their successful running of Secondary Friendship Day on Wednesday 14 February. It was wonderful to have students leading and sharing expressions of warmth and friendship across the secondary school. The tokens and gifts of friendship were much enjoyed, as were the group games of 3-legged races and tug-of-war during lunchtime. Funds raised from the event will be directed towards Hong Kong Dog Rescue.

Secondary SRC representatives

The following SRC class representatives were given their badges in secondary assembly. The work that these students in promoting student life at school is a valuable leadership role.

7E Elke Chaplin
7H Zoe Forster
7J Hugo Dixon
7W Joshua Abrahamian
8E Cindy Liang
8H Emmanuel Wong
8H Emma Louie
8J Rachel Wong
8W Margie Kehoe
9E Richard Leow
9H Hannah Gliddon
9J Owen Walker
9W Claudia Wong
10E Edwina Sze
10H Emily Kwok
10J Davina Chan
10W Kelly Choy
11E Nathan Lu
11H Mark Song
11J Henry Phillis
11W Benny Hu
12E Patrick Joseph
12H Euan Rogers
12J William Wong
12W Arnold Kam

Secondary Parents and Teacher Cocktail evening

All secondary parents are cordially invited to our parent and teacher cocktail evening on Thursday 22 February, 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

It is a great occasion to welcome new parents and further meet and greet teachers of your daughters and sons.  It will also be a further opportunity to meet our new Head of School, Mr Mark Hemphill.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Howard West | Head of Secondary